Ben is a UX designer graduated from RISD. Currently at Bytedance working on monetization products on TikTok.
While you are here, check out my ongoing weekly modeling and rendering project here
I'm also a big Star Wars fan.


Started as a project that aims to address the prevalent urban loneliness issue that's spreading in modern urban environments. This project takes a close look at how a redesigned reading experience can help battle the pandemic.


Let's face it - traditional museum experience is outdated and can be overwhelming meanwhile leaves little impression on the visitors. MMAP is a solution that creates both memorable experiences for visitors and beneficial business value for potential stakeholders.

Metro prewalk expereince design exploration

Commuting experience needs to be intelligently responsive to better accomodate passengers' needs. This exploration looks at potential user pain points and how we can achieve the responsiveness using techology.

WindQuant Redesign

A redesign project during my internship at Wind Information summer 2019. The goal is to redesign WindQuant, a quantitative finance analyzing platform developed by Wind.

Air-tile: design bathrooms for the future

Designing for the future doesn't necessarily mean designing the trendiest products for young generations. Air-tile is a bathroom solution for the aging population.

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